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We Are Aura


At Aura, we help you unlock the full potential of your OnlyFans journey, where personalised support meets innovative strategies, empowering models to grow on the platform.

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A Team You Can Rely on 

We believe in building long-term success and relationships with our clients and our goal with each and every model we sign is to work with them for their entire career.

Unlike a lot of OnlyFans "agencies" popping up online, Aura is like a traditional talent management agency we are proud of our mission and core values and everything we do is governed by a strong code of ethics and confidentiality.

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We handle your direct messages in-house, ensuring professional, meaningful engagement tailored to your audience's needs. It's about creating genuine connections, rooted in our professional understanding of what your subscribers want.

Complete DM Management 

Beyond just timing your posts, we're here to spark your creativity. This includes brainstorming and idea generation, helping you keep your feed fresh, engaging, and perfectly timed to capture your audience's attention.

Content Scheduling

We develop and execute promotion strategies that not only highlight your unique value but also place you directly in front of your ideal subscribers.

Branding and Promotion

Your account, optimized. From fine-tuning your profile to analyzing performance metrics, we handle the details, so your OnlyFans account thrives, reflecting your unique brand and attracting more subscribers.

Account Management

Leveraging our expertise in DM management, we devise sales strategies that not only complement your content but also maximize your earnings through pay-per-view content. This approach is seamlessly integrated with our branding and promotions, focusing on carving out your niche for maximum impact.

Targeted Sales Strategies

Our strategic approach to audience engagement, emphasises the psychological aspects of subscriber interaction. By understanding your audience's desires and behaviors, we tailor engagements that resonate deeply, fostering loyalty and boosting your profile's appeal.

Tailored Audience Engagement

Our Services

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Industry Leading Practice

We pride ourselves in representing Australia's highest performing models. 

Unlike other agencies we aren't just specialised in female creators. 

In House Managers

Australian based team

We never outsource our work

Professionally trained in understanding the psychology of your fans

No one will know we have entered the chat

Professional Service

OnlyFans Accounting

Australian Registered and Owned Company 

Professional Invoicing

What Sets Aura Apart?

What are you waiting for?

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What our clients are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our services:

    • Meticulous daily management of your OnlyFans account.

    • Strategic content scheduling and guidance.

    • Brand enhancement and account posting.

    • Complete DM management.

    • Efficient Account Monetisation.

    • Insightful monthly audits of your OnlyFans account.

    • Comprehensive marketing and promotional efforts to elevate your presence.

    ...and so much more, tailored to unlock your full potential.

    Eager to learn how we can elevate your OnlyFans journey? Explore our full range of services and let us chart the course to your remarkable success story.

  • DM management frees up your creative time, handling subscriber interactions efficiently to build loyalty and increase retention.


    We specialise in providing a professional psychological appraoch to handling subscriber interactions. Capitalising on up-selling opportunities, PPV sales, and boosting your earnings without overloading you.

    Plus, it filters out the negative side of subscriber DM's, ensuring a safe, positive space for your mental health. 

  • We have helped lots of creators start their journey. We welcome newcomers and provide a detailed evaluation of all applicants.

  • We are able to provide "stealth" account services where we specifically tailor our marketing and even content to your privacy needs.

    We have witnessed a faceless creator improve her performance 10 fold and earn mind blowing amounts. 

  • While the saying of "sex sells" does seem to always be right. Our services are not limited to only erotic forms of explicit content. We are able to cater our services to any type of content. 

  • While we will be sad to see you go, you are not locked into our services you are able to cancel your agreement any time.

  • Do to our code of professional practice, an agreement allows all parties to be on the "same page". Ensuring that there is a mutual understanding of service provided. Unlike others, our contracts are not lock in nor do they contain any nasty clauses about fees.

  • We conduct weekly payouts of your account directly into your nominated bank account. 

  • Once we have had our initial consultation and confirmed our plan we will discuss the specifics of what commission both the creator and the team is happy with. All commissions are dependent on social media presence, account size, etc, 

  • Absolutely. 

  • Our clients range from small to six (6) figure account following. Our clients can make between $20,ooo - $60,000 per month.  

    This may be an average but some clients can earn more. 

  • You will have direct access to your account manager with an easy message. Your account performance will be reviewed frequently and strategy meetings will be organised to adjust. 

  • In accordance with our indusry leading professionalism, we see it as a breach of our clients trust to post any payouts to boast and promote our service, even if we blur out the account names. Text messages from our clients are posted exclusively with their consent. 

    All content creators, and.OnlyFans accounts are different and we can gurantee that our service isn't "cookie cutter." 

Tips from the team

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